Sitemaster 'How to' Videos and Tutorials released

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Sitemaster 'How to' Videos and Tutorials released

Mobile CAD Surveying Ltd

Sitemaster Building Videos & Tutorials

by The UK's leading provider of Mobile Surveying Solutions

We have been asked many times for videos and tutorials on the Award winning Sitemaster Building software, so recently we decided to do something about it. We have now created the first eight tutorials and will add more as our customers request them.

To view the Tutorials and lots more FREE information on our Award winning Sitemaster Building software

Tutorial  1 -  Draw Basic rooms, insert doors, windows and chimney breasts

Tutorial 2 - How to insert windows with retainers

Tutorial 3 - How to insert doors with retainers

Tutorial 4 - How to use the staircase command

Tutorial 5 - Create and edit layers

Tutorial 6 - How to create a floating tool bar and edit the Tool Bar icon sizes

Tutorial 7 - Export Room and Symbol data

Tutorial 8 - Triangulation - how to use the triangulation features

Screenshots, Tutorials, Videos, Sample Drawings